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The Law Review


The Law Review, Government Law College, is the official scholarly publication of Asia’s oldest law institution- the Government Law College, Mumbai. It gives students the opportunity to explore the arena of legal research and writing, and seeks to instill in them, the ability to critique. Best known for its ability of inculcating academic discipline and the rigour for attaining legal erudition, the Law Review Committee continues to strive to render top quality publications in several areas of distinct legal sciences.

While the Government Law College started its functioning in the year 1855, The Law Review, Government Law College was founded only in the year 2000. The first group of students comprising the editorial committee was formed that year under the mentorship of Professor Kishu Daswani, who is an alumnus of the Government Law College.

The committee then went on to publish the first edition of the official journal, which was released in the academic year 2000-2001.

The Law Review, Government Law College has since then become an in house student publication, guided by its faculty advisor and The Editorial Board, which comprises of the who’s who of the legal fraternity within India. It is distributed without any charge to students of the college, Hon’ble judges of the Supreme Court and the High Court, law firms, eminent lawyers, and universities, both, in India and overseas. This has been made possible due to the constant support from law firms and counsels alike who have generously and unhesitatingly assisted financially towards its publication. This year, The Law Review has successfully released Volume 10, which is its latest edition.

The Law Review, Government Law College requires potential authors to submit an abstract which is then subject to critique for originality, content, legal understanding and current relevance. Authors are then asked to write their articles in conformity to the Citation Manual of Government Law College. The articles are then vetted by the student committee, and thoroughly researched, before being sent to the editors for further vetting, prior to publication.


Download The Law Review, Volume 10 (Entire edition)

Volume 10 of The Law Review comprises an interesting melange of articles covering several diverse heads such as feminist jurisprudence and social justice, constitutional law, public international law, as well as finance. These articles advocate pressing research contentions and address questions of contemporary relevance including those of addressing the lacunae in the State mechanism set up for the protection of whistle blowers under The Whistle Blowers Protection Act, 2014 and its Amendment Bill of 2015; viewing the concept of privacy through a feminist lens and reviewing the impact of the privacy judgment of the Supreme Court on the rights of women in India today; giving a primer on the concept of cultural property and pitting theories of cultural nationalism and cultural internationalism against each other in varying contexts of periods of colonialism, internal unrest, international armed conflict and peacetime; extrapolating the western corporate rescue mechanism of pre-packs and assessing its viability in the Indian insolvency regime; and exploring the utility of disgorgement as a remedial measure in instances of stock market frauds.

The Law Review, Volume 10 Individual Article

Sr. No. Article Author Download
1 Whistle Blowing: A Hobson’s Choice? Cherry-Picking Between State Authorities and Third-Party Internet Platforms Prakriti Bhatt Download
2 Unveiling Privacy for Women in India Priyanshi Vakharia Download
3 Insolvency Procedures — Investigating the Pre-Pack Paradigm in India Sanjana Rao Download
4 Deconstructing the Dichotomy in Cultural Property Law Vedika Shah Download
5 Determining Disgorgement in Securities Law Vidhi Shah Download

Editorial Board :-


Justice Dr. D. Y. Chandrachud


Prof Kishu Daswani


Mr. Aspi Chinoy

Mr. Bahram Vakil

Mr. Shyam Divan

Mr. Shiraz Rustomjee

Dr. Menaka Guruswamy

Mr. Sumit Agrawal